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Hello, my name is Megan Dill and I am the owner of Five Feathers Services, Inc. A mobile grooming business for your feathered friends.  I am pictured on my home page with my five fids, hence how the name came about.  I have been grooming my own birds for many years now and I decided to turn my long time passion for companion birds into a well needed business.

Coming to your home keeps everyone’s stress levels down. Most birds don’t care to be transported anywhere.  I know how hard it is just to transport mine for their annual vet visits, I have two African Greys that actually get car sick (yes birds do get car sick).

I have a unique style when taking care of your companions as I build a relationship with each bird that I take care of so that a trust builds with each grooming session between your bird and I. I have many clients in Orlando (Orange County) and the surrounding counties: Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Volusia.

I take extra care in the entire grooming process.  I make sure when my day is done to take all towels, pillow cases and the scrubs I wear home and wash them. I wash all of my grooming tools first and then I use a veterinary grade sanitizing solution as well.  You can take comfort in knowing that none of my grooming tools are ever used on another bird.