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Routine nail trimming is very important for your bird’s health and safety. If their nails get too long it will cause them difficulty in perching. Long nails can get caught on your clothing, in carpet or your furniture as well as getting hung up on their toys, sleep huts or other items in their cages which can result in serious injuries. When their nails become too long and sharp it also can become uncomfortable for you when handling your fid(s)

Each one of your bird’s toe nails has a blood and nerve supply called the quick. The quick grows with the nail. Birds that have overgrown nails will also have a longer quick, then less length from the toe nail can safely be cut without causing pain and discomfort during the grooming process. I have found that when the birds are groomed more frequently, I usually use the 3 month rule. However it all depends on the birds. Some do grow more quickly than others. The nails will be able to be cut shorter and will be more comfortable for both the birds and their parents.